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We were so happy with the in-office work installation completed by Just Tech. They were thoughtful, knowledgeable, professional, and paid attention to my budget. They were also able to explain their recommendations in terms I understood. And, get this – 2-3 days after our appointment, we got a call back making sure everything was working as planned. Now that’s the business service I appreciate!

Jackie N. San Pedro, CA

Excellent service ! I replaced my broken screen on my IPhone 7 and they did the job in less then 10 min. My phone now looks brand new!

lupo c. San Pedro, CA

Awesome service This place is outstanding! I highly recommend this place 5 Stars I took my laptop to other places and they said it was going to be a very difficult process and could take several months. Just Tech check it out and found that there was minor issue fix the problem for about $70 Thanks guys! !

Leo C. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

They were able to fix an iPhone LCD screen in under 30 min! I called at 6:30 and had a fixed phone by 7:30!

Tary P. Los Angeles, CA

It was a Memorial Day and my phone had just gotten run over in a parking lot. The screen was shattered and would not function. I honestly thought there wasn’t any hope left. It is especially hard to acquire an iPhone during this pandemic due to the Apple stores being closed so my frustrations were very high. I found Just Tech Solutions on yelp via a friend and gave them a call. The gentleman who is the owner answered the phone and told me he would be glad to assist me. We met up at 11am (he left home and came to his store to open it temporarily to assist me) I just wanted confirmation that I could retrieve some pictures. Instead he fixed my phone and replaced the screen. He went above and beyond and even placed a protection screen for free which he did not have to do. In fact he didn’t have to do anything since it was Memorial Day and most businesses were closed. Very friendly service and a sense of urgency with his detailed work. All while making me feel comfortable. Within 20 minutes my phone looked literally brand new after being run over three different times. Amazing service I highly recommend them.

Ardo R. Garden Grove, CA

The gentleman who helped me was very nice and friendly if it were possible to give them six out of five stars I would. I also received an iPhone 8 case for nine dollars that was originally twenty, amazing service !!!

Raquel B. San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

I got my iPhone 11 front glass screen replaced here two days ago and the guy did amazing! One month warranty, very kind, I had a cup of coffee while I waited  and it was done within 15 minutes! He went ahead and cleaned my case and phone too for free. Highly recommend

Chloe L. San Pedro, CA

I  broke my iPhone XS screen. He fixed it in less than 10 minutes. He was quick and screen is great quality! I’ll definitely come back here if I need any help with my electronics!

Antoinette J. Long Beach, CA

What a great place!! My son brought his Iphone in to be fixed and owner fixed it right away! I was told the only place to go is the Apple Store which is a nightmare to make an appt with and usually charges an arm and a leg! Don’t hesitate to take your anything here. Great Job!!

Jeana V. San Pedro, CA

Sooooo friendly ! First time I went in and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my Cracked phone screen, Get it fixed trade it in I did not know. I left came back and dropped it off. I went to pick it up the day after Thanksgiving in the morning, they weren’t open I called them they said they’d be in soon. I thought I would go run some errands and get some things done for the day . I returned and picked up my phone and again super friendly. About an hour later I got a phone call , they said that I had called earlier in the day and wanted to know if they could help me in anyway I replied I was just in to pick up my phone that was me that called. I love customer service I own a business of my own and that is the top priority!

susan w. San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

Very nice and easy to deal with. Would recommend again. Fixed my phone in less than 1 hour. They went above and beyond with customer service and follow up.

J J. Beverly Hills, CA

Fred was great!!  He fixed my problem in a very short time! Then I came back for another small issue on my phone and he fixed that too!!! Prices and services were EXCELLENT! Highly recommend!

Julia P. Los Angeles, CA

Great customer service. Fred assisted me right away. Will refer my friends here. Fast service as well. Thank you !

Señor G. Torrance, Los Angeles, CA

Great service…will come back and recommend to others!!! Thanks for the speedy service…

Sequoia G. Los Angeles, CA

My 10 year old IMAC had died completely , JTS was able to change hard drive , update system and load my huge SVG files from Time Machine. I was able to get my IMAC within a weeks time and working like a new computer. JTS appears to have a good flow of clients , I would recommend be patient when you arrive.

Marlene A. San Pedro, CA

I like their speed of delivery of services. Price range is okay. It can be more competitive. They have a variety of options and are well informed on what you need if you tell them what you want. All in all, Nothing bad.

Raymond L. Beverly Hills, CA

When I put myself in a crappy situation like jamming my sim card in my new phone… Just Tech came to the rescue. I just about had it, and this whole “situation” was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Within a few hours, Fred took my phone in and lo and BEHOLD- fixed same day! Speedy, knowledgeable, and very friendly. Although the service was amazing, I hope to not see them again unless I pull another idiot move with technology. Thank you guys so much!

Erika Q. San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

Just tech did a great job of fixing my iPhone screen. He was really fast and the screen worked perfectly after. I would definitely come back in the future if needed.

Sebastian S. San Francisco, CA

Highly recommend this place. They’re pros and fairly priced. Lots of adapters and tech shopping needs as well. Friendly staff!  I’d post a pic of my fixed phone but that’s impossible

Adriana B. Los Angeles, CA

Responded super fast to my quote request. Has been super helpful and a great service.

Andres O. Torrance, CA

If you have computer problems, Fred from JUST TECH SOLUTION is your repair man! We moved our son in the villas locally to attend college. He didn’t pack his custom built PC well, and something was damaged during the move. I went online and found JUST TECH SOLUTION. They were very near by and had excellent reviews. I called there first and spoke directly with Fred. He gave me a quick rundown of their fees, and I later brought my son’s computer in. A few days passed as agreed, and Fred called to update us on his status. Several parts were damaged that he replaced with new parts including the power supply. I gave him our credit card info, and he delivered and setup my son’s computer at his dorm. His pricing was reasonable, and we appreciated his timely delivery and setup. THANK YOU Fred and Just Tech Solution!!

Randy M. Phoenix, AZ

JTS fixed the face recognition on my iPhone XS in just two hours on a Saturday – impressive particularly given I was a walk-in.  I decided to try JTS after calling UbreakIfix multiple times throughout the week, each time receiving the same message that their voice mail was full.  JTS is now new go-to.

Steve R. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

FANTASTIC. my husbands phone overheated ON JULY 4th and the screen stopped working. We had it previously fixed at “shattered” in San Pedro, who use cheap parts. USE JUST TECH SOLUTIONS

Jenna B. Redondo Beach, CA

We all have our go to people for car repair…maybe a chiropractor or acupuncturist.  We need lawyers, doctors, and accountants we can trust.  Having someone we can turn to for computer or phone repairs ranks right up there, too.   This was my first time using Just Tech and I immediately got the sense that integrity was an important pillar of their business.  I felt comfortable leaving my laptop (which is hard to be without) with them.  What I thought was going to be a costly repair ended up being a simple cleaning of a fan…which would have likely cost me a few hundred bucks if i had to replace the fan.     We’re all going to have computer or phone issues in life. If you’re in San Pedro or RPV I  highly recommend Just Tech.  Jaden and Fred were awesome.

Mike N. Redondo Beach, CA

Solid operation very friendly and got right to the problem less than an hour later my phone was fixed

Michael G. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Came in and had an issue with my phone’s battery expanding that they fixed super quick. Super friendly staff, too!

Aya M. Cerritos, CA